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    Hi, immediately after schools closure announced my kids dad decided to email me ‘telling’ me as this was now holiday time 50/50 contact applies. (A court order is in place covering term time, alternate weekends and one week night, and holidays 50/50)

    I was surprised by his approach, as it’s not the end of term and home schooling is expected. I replied to say thanks but I wanted to carry on with usual weekly arrangements.

    Since then he has continued to email and ring me to try and push me into agreeing 50/50.

    I have taken legal advice and been told no changes can be made without mutual agreement or by courts order, so I know it’s just him trying to bully.

    There are clearly financial implications (ie he can stop maintenance payments if 50/50, which I suspect is his motivation)

    I wondered if anyone else was experiencing this from their kids dad?

    Many of my single mum friends have had lovely supportive messages from their kids dad, with kind offers of additional days to help them work/give them a break. All of whom, bar minor adjustments, are upholding their court orders term time arrangements.

    It makes me sad that some people see this terrible situation as an opportunity to push their own agenda/financially benefit.

    Trying to stay strong (on international single parents day!) but times are hard enough eh. Gimme a break! Px

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    Hi P,

    I’ve had very similar experience but rather than receiving emails and texts etc, my ex has just refused to give my two children back and is insisting it should be shared, 50/50 contact as it is now school holidays for the next 6months! The police were called and after reading contact order they agreed that children must be returned to me, however I am concerned this is going to be an ongoing battle.

    It’s definitely any excuse to not comply with the arrangements as outlined by the court.

    E xx

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    Hi E,

    That’s just awful! What goes through someone mind when they keep children like that without any discussion or agreement? The sheer arrogance!

    I’m glad they were returned to you and the police were happy to intervene, sometimes they aren’t.

    I have had further legal advice, and consulted the new guidance from, both are clear in that ‘spirit of the order to be upheld’. So whilst minor adjustments might be expected (handover places as school closed) in essence nothing changes.

    Stay strong and firm and I’m sending you good luck going forwards, one more stress a parent doesn’t need right now

    P xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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