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    Hi all,

    would love some advice! My daughter is 12 in year8  and was attacked in school leaving her with broken foot, ribs, head injuries where the stamped on her head and other injuries. Some children videoed this and police are dealing with it.

    However I have removed her from the school and don’t seem to getting much help with the moving her even with a letter from police stating she shouldn’t go back. However the group of girls that attacked her have been expelled and this bullying had been going on a while but she still can’t go back she is mentally scared and family members still attend It’s states expelled children will be placed within a school or alternative provision, okay I know they also need an education but it’s It’s really annoyed me what about my daughter ? The victim!!!  I’m a working full time, she currently is missing out in on an education. I’ve spoken to admissions all the local schools to me,tried managed moves,  emailed mps ect can anyone suggest anything else ?



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    That the girls responsible have been expelled shows that at least the school took it seriously, which is good. What have they said about how your daughter can return to school? What support will they put in place? Could she do mornings for a while to rebuild her confidence? Could you ask that she is moved to a class with none of their relatives?

    is the school part of a trust? What about other schools in the same trust? I suspect you’ll have to go in and insist, refuse to go away, make lots of noise and be a very pushy parent to get this sorted.  You shouldn’t have to but school are terribly short of resource at the moment.

    or could she go to school from your mum’s house? Or your ex’s house? Would that put her in a completely different area? ,

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    Have victim support been in touch at all regarding this?


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