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    Hi everyone,


    Anyone else feeling overwhelmed about the school holidays and how to keep the kids entertained while still making sure the bills get paid?

    We have a small social circle, our friends/family are going away and I can’t afford to at the moment but 6 weeks is a long time and it is essentially just the two of us for the majority of time.

    How are others planning to get through?



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    Hi, ye kinda in the same bracket, and the only money I currently receive is child tax credits (have applied for other stuff).

    i used to go camping and spent a lot of time visiting the ex family. The only time that I’m aware that I won’t have the kids is  3 days next to one of mums weekends (she has them every other).

    I also don’t drive. However the museum is a bus ride away and a good daily activity (I do it every few months), playing with them in the local parks. My eldest likes going to the library (she’s 7).

    the cinema is £16 for the 4 of us and I buy snacks to take with.

    Avoid going to places that are money traps with lots of things to entice them, as we all know it can be hard when we have kids.

    my kids love when I turn the living room in to a fort and we have a movie night and sleep downstairs.

    I find if I’m interacting with them it’s more important than where I take them.

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    This is not for everyone but I enjoy going Scrumping with my daughter and have made jam and preserved fruit in syrup for Christmas.  The jars were given to me by work colleagues and the other ingredients that I have paid for is cheap over ripe like the pinapples and pectin sugar

    Yesterday I made a huge batch of vegan pineapple tarts which we will take to the BBq  tonight and of course there are plenty for us . Im not a vegan but some of the guests are, the previous week we scrumped and picked green walnuts and stewed that with  cinnamon stick ,  star anise.and dark rum. This will.keep for Christmas and is lovely with vanilla cream.

    Tomorrow morning I will make blackberry pancakes as   I picked blackberries on way home . It’s all good fun  baking and it costs hardly anything goes if you can get some of the produce free

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    Thanks for the replies, I am going to try some of the usual free activities as I am a Lone Parent so things do get tight sometimes.

    I joined a few meetup groups for single parents as it would be great for her to interact with other children but none have anything coming up at the moment and those holiday clubs are so expensive. I think that is more my concern as she is with all of the time.

    I work from home so my schedule is quite flexible, I can work around her but I highly doubt she will be interested in camping but thank you for the suggestion.

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