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    My daughter is in year 11 and has been suffering from anxiety and has recently been reported to Pupil Entitlement (Council) for investigation regarding low school attendance, we have had a letter threatening me with prosecution or imprisonment.

    A Pupil entitlement officer came to visit this week and all she did was say she can’t see any case for anxiety even though this has been recorded with the doctor, I have two weeks to get her into school and her attendance up otherwise they will prosecute me. My daughter was too shy to speak up and explain how she was feeling so that really didn’t help the situation.

    My daughter has many friends that don’t attend school regularly and they aren’t getting threatened, beginning to wonder if its because I’m a single parent. where is the humanity.

    I am looking for a job and don’t know how I’m going to manage if my daughter won’t go to school, I spend all morning trying to get her into school, if she gets the bus I’m worried will she miss the bus.

    I have been so stressed and I’ve tried my best to get her in everyday, my stress levels were so high over the Christmas holidays that I had 2 ambulance call outs and a trip to A&E because of stress resulting in chest pain and irregular heart beat, I couldn’t calm down.



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    Hi I too am having real anxiety issues with my son in year 11. He’s a popular boy, has a girlfriend no outwardly reasons to worry so much but is really struggling with school anxiety?
    Every school day is a traumatic experience for us all he gets up, showered, dressed, packs his bag and then either breaks down in the car on the way there or can’t get out of the car once we arrive.

    School are aware of this but I would say haven’t offered any constructive help whatsoever, Any advice or help would be appreciated.

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    Good morning

    I am not an expert but seems they have a phobia of some kind

    Have you thought of counselling, cahms that is free to get to the bottom of this

    Online yoga or new hobby might be some thing to consider.

    Are they being bullied?



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    A quick reply as i’m about to go out, but school phobia is supposed to be recognised by the Education Authority as a genuine Anxiety and Depression mental illness but you will need your gp to do a letter confirming your child is suffering otherwise they will prosecute because they are more interested in doing that than helping you ! I went through it with my child 25 years ago so i know what you are going through. Do they pick on single parents more ? In my opinion yes they do.

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    My daughter has been to our GP about her Anxiety but the Pupil Entitlement Officer say it was a year ago and will not go towards helping with her attendance which of course has been ongoing since.

    We are waiting on CAMHS which was only offered in November, my daughter had an appointment for her initial assessment but they cancelled due to sickness just before the PE Officer visited. There is at least no bullying going on.

    When the PE Officer came to visit she basically had no interest in helping my daughter or finding out why she couldn’t go to school, she just wanted to tell me that I have 2 weeks to improve her attendance or I will be prosecuted.



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