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    I have been advising my ex to change his working hours (of his 2nd job) to better suit our daughter for the last 3 weeks. He had her 1 night and Was bringing her back and forth fitting her round the shifts at weekend. I really wanted him to commit to 2 consecutive nights because she’s 2 and it was unsettling.
    Anyway today I received a letter off his solicitor saying he believes that Around 1 year ago I cheated on him, with a person he believes is a risk. Admittedly I did exchange texts with someone But they never came to my house nor near my children. The solicitor has asked ‘for my account to ensure my daughters welfare is safeguarded’.

    This is all because I wanted him to have his daughter two nights a week. He could have chose any. Funny how this week he’s saw the light and has changed his work pattern.
    if he felt my children were at risk last year why has he waited until now? And what bloody right has a solicitor got to ask about our relationship that’s been over since feb this year?!
    Honestly I feel sick I’ve not eaten or slept in 2 days.  Not sure what to do any advice is reassurance because I’m on my own dealing with this. I can’t share this with work because guess what… I’m a social worker. I should feel reassured but I just feel everything I’ve worked for is at risk. Just because I wanted more equal parenting.

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    Hi Chloe2410,

    You can get a free half an hour consultation with a solicitor, why don’t you get some advice from them and go from there.

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    Hi Chloe,

    As the previous poster says, you can get half an hour free – and if you’re on a low income you may be entitled to some help with legal costs. You could also turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau?

    Are you sure the letter is genuinely from a Solicitor and not just your ex trying to see if you cheated? It seems odd that it would come from a solicitor – make sure you check the company out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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