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    Hello everyone, I currently have a 6 year old and I’m pregnant again with number two due early December. I’m on and off with my partner, we’ve been together about 10 years on and off. My worry at the moment is he has a new job so will be working/living away part time. And he has a show with work in December which has only given him 2 days off for the birth/labour. This has started to absolutely terrify me. The thought of going into labour and giving birth possibly on my own scares me. Obviously when I go into labour I’d need to get hold of him, wait for him to get to me (the show he is doing bases him about an hour and a half away, he is also in contract so can’t not do the show) then someone take my daughter somewhere to be looked after. (I don’t get on with his mother as she’s quite horrible to me) and my parents both work full time so it’s wether they could have her or not. I’m completely panicking and stressing over this situation already and not sure what to do. Any advice from anyone or anyone who has gone through anything similar would be massively appreciated. Thank you

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    Hi Emmaplustwox

    An agency that can help you to explore options of support for you at this time is Family Lives.  Here are their details:

    Family Lives provide general support to families on issues around parenting, emotional support and just generally coping as a parent 0808 800 2222 

    Hope this helps.




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    I gave birth alone November last year I had just the midwives – I did have a voulentree doula who was brilliant too! It was scary at the time but all I thought about was my baby and how excited I was to meet him! He was my first – I’m glad I did it alone now – I feel very strong that I did it alone now! I was in labour 18hours – I took loads of things to distract myself as I was induced! Just remember how strong you are!! Sending you best wishes 🙂

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    Thank you for your message Littlelaura91, wow you’re so brave! Yeah that’s the thing I suppose if it happens that way then it will, my baby is the main priority so what will be will be x

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