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    Hi everyone

    sorry just felt like I needed to come on and write something.  Been a proper crap year before all this corona virus husband leaft me found out a few month later he is seeing my best friend of 20 years.  (I suspect something had been going on before all this and before he even leaft) its been hard enough dealing with all this and then going on lockdown.  He comes round to help with the kids (which he only started doing since the coronavirus) and is now helping more financially (he thinks throwing money at the kids makes everything ok) where I have to deal with everything day to day and work and with 3 kids it’s hard.  He doesn’t have them over night because they won’t sleep.  But what hurts most is I’ve been on my own with the kids and he has been going round to her house and my eldest told me tonight that they are telling each other love you how can he be In love with her already!!! I honestly don’t know how much more I can’t take.  I feel like I’m being punished and leaft all alone he was the selfish one and she was the back stabbing one they did the bad thing but they are like the cats that got the cream and loving life getting on with their relationship and leaft a shit storm behind them for me and my kids and I’m just here under it all.  It honestly hurts so much time doesn’t seem to be healing it and he is just moving on I feel like I will be alone forever

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    Hi Amy, I’m sorry you’re going through so much right now. I hope you know that despite how you feel in the moment you are stronger than this? I’m not going to lie to you, it’s going to be hard for a while, a long while maybe, but it will definitely get easier after. Have you got family you can stay in touch with? Lockdown is easing by the week now so we can all start to do more outside the house with the kids and hopefully wear them out a bit. Are you able to reduce your hours without risk to your role in the short term? After healing, and you will heal, I promise, you will find somebody else if that’s what you want. I’m not a person who sugar coats as you can probably tell from what I’ve written, but I’ve been hurt to the point I feel the sadness and pain is suffocating but after time I have healed and moved on. After a few failed relationships I’ve made the decision to stay single and I’m a lot happier in my own company now. I wish you strength and happiness Amylou xx

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    Hi, first of all you are a very strong woman, three kids it must be a hard job,and I’m sure you are doing it great! I’ve only got one child and it’s hard enough especially now in a lockdown (it’s just two of us and don’t have any family around) . Give yourself a tap on a shoulder, treat yourself as much as you can, love yourself, the time will come and you’ll be a queen. Your ex is not worth you, if he’s done this with you he’ll probably do the same with your  friend. Respect him as a father of your children. That’s it. You can’t change people. Let’s change our own mind and believe that we are worth better than this. All the best x

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    You are stronger than you think,keep doing wat your doing,being an amazing mother,I know it’s hard during lockdown,u will be a stronger person at the end of it even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,don’t worry about what he is doing,he is living in a fantasy world,and that world will come crashing down,concentrate on you and the kids and take it day by day,you will have good days and bad days but that’s part of healing,one day you will wake up and realise u can and will do better than him,keep up the good work super mum and remember you will get through this.

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