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    I was driving home this evening and began to wonder about teaching my son safe sex.

    His ten and in year 5 junior school.

    He has his sisters the oldest who is in year 9 and has all the relevant hormones linked to a 15 year old school girl.

    But, should I teach my son safe s3x and condoms etc now whilst he can still laugh and joke with his boy pals at primary school or should I wait until it all becomes more serious at secondary school.

    What did your parents do?

    What are you doing?

    By speaking now it takes the edge off and can be joked with but am I encouraging him to have underaged sex???

    Is ten too young??

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    No, 10 is not too young. There are 12 year old mum’s n dad’s out there. I joke about it keep it a light hearted subject. When mine turned 12 I gave him a packet, told him I’ll never ask if they get used or not. Told him if his friends ever need them he can give them one & where they’re more if ever needed. Also told him there are use by dates & hoped he’ll be needing a newer pack well before he gets close to using them.

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    I had a great idea as well.I’m gna teach my 14 year old to drive and my 10 year old to shoot.I’ll give my 14 year old my keys and tell her I hope she doesn’t crash and die and I’ll load a rifle for my 10 year old and tell him to stay safe.Bc yknowwww I really trust my kids.

    Have some parents perhaps got an issue saying NO to their kids??? I have a better idea.

    Sit down with your kids and watch the full series of Teen Moms Uk.See the tears,struggles,financial troubles,arguments and ensuing misery and perhaps your kids will learn a little self restraint.There’s a time and place for everything and it’s up to their parents to teach them.Permisivness and  the irresponsibility of leaving adult issues for kids to decide on their own is simply… irresponsible.

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    Gummibear123 I’m suprised but not shocked by your reply.

    T.V as a visual learning aid is great but its not hands on with a condom or talking to friends and parents about hopes, dreams, family planning and insecurities.

    Sometimes telly is futile as just a moving object which stimulates a form of relaxation other than sleep.

    It’d be nice to hear what they think of programmes like teen moms though, equally as intresting to talk about mother and baby units, housing, finances and the morning after pill???

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    @gummibear123. I can’t believe that response. Let you into a secret; your 14 year old already knows where babies come from. No one is suggesting you teach her, though she should be able to talk to a responsible adult if she needs to. Teaching them to be safe when the time comes is responsible parenting.


    Your analogies are sooo off the mark too. If teaching her to Drive is akin to teaching her about sex, what does handing her the keys compare too??

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    I don’t mean to laugh but…teaching them to be safe?

    At the age of 10 and 12?

    That’s the point I was trying to make.

    I’m fine with teaching kids anything you like,but at a certain point we have to be responsible and teach them the second bit: that some things are for adults.I am still not convinced 10 and 12 are adults.That’s all I was saying. Neither should they be burdened with making choices for the future!Point is, judging by the state of society and the numbers of teenage parents who btw many of whom are Not doing a great job raising kids alone(and it’s not fair to expect them to),something is wrong here.Like I said you’re kind of giving them the car keys and saying ‘stay safe’. Safe sex sounds pretty but there’s always mistakes and 10 and 12 are only kids.I rest my case.

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    Also an option that a 12 year old may be told and taught whatever, but when it comes down to it, he or she will probably not be thinking long-term, they’ll be thinking whatever their body tells them, will they be adult enough to restrain themselves? Maybe, maybe not, but if they are not and they Do have/use a condom, might just save them from long-term consequence they weren’t thinking of at the time.

    Tv might be entertainment etc, but programs like teen mom, can (somewhat) comfortably open up the conversation to discussion for a child.

    Not only will you hear what they think, they will Tell you what they think, back in the day i would Never talk to either of my parents about any of that, having a person that you could utter the word condom to will allready be a big assist for a kid.

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