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    I have applied for University , I have one dependant.  I am worried if I will be able to cope financially  I have a car on finance also , has anyone been in this situation as a single parent ?????

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    This will be a tricky one. There is a reason why there aren’t many single parents at university, The whole structure of low income, courses and homework and non existent childcare is pretty much an unsurmoutable obstacle for most single parents. Having said that, there is of course a temporary advantage in most lectures beeing online at the moment. If you have a strong support network, are a very disciplined person and can focus on what you want for your future and not so much on what you are suffering in the present, then I would say maybe. Search for every grant you can get and be very clear about catering for all your needs for your child and childcare outside of university. There is absolutety ( I will be proven wrong by the odd one out, but not here, where I live ) no support for single parents at all. And from what I heard from some of the PHD Students who managed, it is a very solitary journey as well.

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    I went to University 10 years ago when i had two young children aged 4 and 18 months.  I worked part time as well at studying full time and was able to get tax credits, grants and a loan.  I didn’t find it lonely and solitary at all, you get out of the experience what you want, no i didn’t go out all the time like some of the younger students but i certainly didn’t sit in crying into my text books.  This year i am doing my Masters part time while working full time with four kids I will get a loan and a grant and still be able to claim tax credits due to still working.

    If you enjoy the course you’re doing it makes it so much easier and yes i had many late nights sometimes writing essays at 3am while sitting next to my sick child bed  and i think i actually cried when they both got chicken pox within days of each other but you can always get an extension on projects and essays if you’re really stuck.  Sometimes it’s tough but most of the time it’s pretty manageable or it was for me and i am not the most motivated person.

    Good Luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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