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    hi all, I’m new to the site and couldn’t find the answer anywhere else,

    I’m newly separated (10 months) and the mother is the resident parent of our 2 kid (nothing through the courts).

    Recently shes been complaining about childcare issues and told me that I need to do more or she’ll stop me seeing them all together….

    I have them 3 nights a week at the moment and work shifts thr other 4so am restricted to what I can/can’t do.

    Shes saying that I should take unpaid shifts off work to have the kids on days she has work? Is this a normal request?

    I’d assumed that as she wanted and took on the resident parent title (and the benefits/maintenance payments that go with it) that then the day to day childcare was her issue? And as long as I have my kids my 3 nights a week (obviously the days in between) then I’m doing my side of the bargain


    Am I being unreasonable?

    Basically I was looking to know eat the ‘legal line is on responsibilities of the resident parent


    Cheers all

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    if you take on more than three nights per week, she isn’t the resident parent any more. So you can take shifts off then because she has to subsidize you for looking after the children. Otherwise, she has to arrange childcare for the times she is in charge of the children and unable to look after them. Just as we all have to do.

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    Even if we have 50 50, so 7 nights each over 2weeks there still has to be a resident parent.

    Yes my maintenance payment would drop but shed still clain the child allowance and tax credits where as I can claim neither.

    That why I assumed the childcare would be her responsibility and I make myself available for the nights I’m not working

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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