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    My wife recently left. She continually lied to the Police that she was being abused, and I also overhead her lying about the situation on the phone – I suspect she’s lied her way into a refuge.

    As she took our two sons and refuses to let me contact them, I have filed a C100 form. Her response has been to file a C1A form, with numerous false allegations of emotional abuse. She’s included several untrue statements that cast possible doubt on my ability as a father, including that the boys are scared of me. She has also claimed that the boys are at risk of abduction by me if I was to find where she is.

    Just to give some narrative, what’s actually happened is that my wife has been having affairs throughout the marriage. She previously ran off with the boys last August, then came back to me after realising that her ‘other man’ wasn’t going to leave his wife. At the time she blamed her best friend for manipulating her. Being that I still loved her, I swallowed this. Once we got through Christmas, however, things quickly deteriorated again. She was constantly disappearing upstairs for long phone calls, allegedly to a female friend, but I have later discovered that this person didn’t even exist. Since she left on the 22nd of April, she phoned me herself that evening, and spoke to me on the phone (but wouldn’t let me speak to the boys) on the 23rd, 24th and 25th.

    What’s particularly disgusting about what she’s been doing is that she would often leave the boys in my care, then go off and meet with somebody for sex. If the boys are scared of me, why would she do that?

    How would I go about responding to the allegations that she has made? I obviously have no proof that I wasn’t abusing her, other than my word.

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