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    Not going to go into too much detail as would take forever but I am a single dad who has a daughter that is special needs and is she is 25yrs old now. I was getting respite breaks of ONE weekend a month (Friday night to Sunday Morning) until 29 months ago. Worcestershire Social Services stopped my respite breaks and sent me a bill for £29,500 claiming I was never entitled to the breaks and wanted the money back. I showed proof that I was indeed entitled and had the backing of Heart of England Mencap who had the same award letters I had (who Worcestershire Social Services basically claimed for fake). After 2 years of fighting them they FOUND THEIR MISTAKE but would not reinstate my respite breaks.

    I have not had a break from my kids in so very long and even with friends trying to help on my behalf it aint working. I sometimes feel like am near breaking point but have to keep going. Especially since last week got a letter saying that now must pay £60 a month for services if I want them. The only other thing available for her cost £55 a day for 4 hours.

    Worcestershire SS did suggest I pay for respite through Mencap but they think I got money?? I am 58yrs old and disabled and living only on PiPs and other benefits and a weekend respite break would cost almost entire month of money..

    Sorry if this seems like a rant but I am just grasping at straws trying to find something else cause not seeing it online. Add to that I have a 16yr old girl at home too who is Type 1 diabetic and in college and she is emotionally challenged (polite way of saying about a teenage girl).. I only just finished a 5 week battle with the college who was not letting her come back to college cause of her diabetes. They lost that fight and she is back in and catching up faster than I thought (proud of my girl for not giving up too)..


    Anyway.. anybody have any ideas or info please tell me…

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    Hi TxRedneckUK, Please look out for a private message from me with a signpost to support. Best wishes, Helen

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    What does your local  MP say? You should get in contact with that person

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    Our local MP is Nigel Huddleston and he only comes out of the dark when there is a photo-op. I haven’t even bothered to contact him as I have sent messages before and they went unanswered. As I said. Photo-op. I am surprised since he is a Tory.

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