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    Hi everyone, just looking for some advice on my situation.

    I have just gone back to work after a year of maternity leave ( I received universal credit in this period. ) In my return to work letter I asked for part time ( 16 hours ) over 2 days, these being set/permanent days.  My manager accepted my 16 hours over 2 days and gave me Thursday and Friday’s to work. On my first day back last week my manager came and said to me that in a months time they are changing my days already to Wednesday Friday. I was really shocked by this, especially it being my first day. I emailed her the next day and explained I weren’t happy with the change and that I had previously asked for permanent days in my return to work letter. She basically told me she can’t give me permanent set days as she needs staff to work within the needs of the business. So realistically she can change them from one month to the next if she wanted.

    They have also put me in a particular room that I do not like and are not comfortable to work in , the children of that age are very demanding. Almost every staff in the nursery hate working in that room.

    May I add, my child atteneds the nursery where I work ( I have to pay for her place of course ) .

    I am also really struggling with nursery fees I gave them 250 pound last week and they have sent me another bill of 250 pound for in 2 weeks time. I really can not afford this.

    Basically I feel I have made the wrong decision to return to back to work  my child isn’t happy in the nursery either. On her first day I picked her up she came back with marks all over her face and not one staff member knew what had happened they couldn’t give me an explanation.

    I’m just wondering what grounds would I stand on with resignation/leaving work? Would I still be entitled to universal credit with these reasons? Or will I be sanctioned if I leave ?

    I really do not want to go into work right now, I think they are being awkward with me. I just feel really stuck at the moment.

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    Thank you.

    No I didn’t qualify for maternity pay as I didn’t work there long enough before I went on leave I missed out by literally a week. I was on universal credit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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