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    I am asking this question on behalf of a friend. He pays child maintenance and has his two children every fortnight for two nights,taking them to rugby and dance lessons amongst other things like a park,cycling or trampolining. The resident parent is now moving 200 miles away with the children. Is there any formal onus on the resident parent who has moved away,to assist in the travelling arrangements or financial assistance for travelling? He seems already resigned to the fact he will not be able to keep to the fortnightly plan.

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    The onus should be on her making an effort to assist the contact to remain. Certainly courts see this more nowadays.

    hes entitled to reduce maintenance to allow for travel costs over £10.

    He would also be advised to negotiate longer contact periods in the holidays.

    he can also object to the move via court.



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    Thank you solomummy.

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    I was dreading this happening when I separated but thankfully it didn’t in the end.  I did make enquiries at the time though and was given exactly same advice as Solomummy gave above.  Hope things work out for your mate genuinefella65.

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