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    My ex has chosen now of all times to refuse to return my child.  No court order and no, they are not isolating.  What the hell?!  All advice gratefully received. Thanks x

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    If they’re not isolating there is no reason at all for not returning them. What is your arrangement what access does he have?
    the children need to be put first in the situation.

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    No court order.  I have sadly had to get a solicitor involved 🙁

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    Really sorry to hear this. How awful for you. My understanding is that if you notify the police then they will go round and do a welfare check. Which means you will know if the kids are ok and the police will then be aware of the situation too. I’m sure solicitor will get onto this for you. You will need a court order set up to ensure he can’t do this again, it takes time and will be difficult process to negotiate the terms of it whilst he’s holding onto the kids. You may qualify for legal aid for court/mediation because you aren’t seeing your children, there’s advice on direct gov about this. Really hope you get them home soon xx

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    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through ..


    You have a few options:

    A- You can try reasoning, negotiate with your ex. Why is he doing this ? Have you tried turning up at his property and talking face to face ?

    B – You can file c100 form for residence order also c79 form  (enforcement to the court order). With c100 you can be granted The Residence order but if your ex brakes the court order the police won’t be able to help you. You will be stuck again.  £215 for an application and be prepared to wait to hear back from them soon during this pandemic.


    From my personal experience never pay for lawyer or solicitor as there are free advise available – I spent thousands yet I stil have to go back to court again and wait …


    Hence be strong and wise enough to convince your ex to let you have and share your children

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