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    hello everyone


    i am a single working mother to a 6 year old son. His father has shown no interest in us for 6 years, no contact, rarely making a maintenance payment, ands generally failing to acknowledge our exsistance.


    This is fine. I see it as a gift from him that he leaves us alone.


    however, I Have recently received information that he now has a 1 year old son and an ex who by all accounts has been through exactly the same troubles I had with him. Our stories are virtually identical.  I wish her or her child no ill will, I’m a good person and my lift has moved on leaving me with no feelings towards him. The difference is that he is still in contact with her and pays her money. He does s still an alcoholic, drug user, liar and generally unstable man. He has denied to his ex that our child exsists.


    It has made me want to reassess my legal position in it all. I would like to investigate the possibility of removing his parental responsibilty. And I would like to remove the middle name I was forced to give my son which is a family name on his side and also the middle name of his new son, which I find a very weird thing to do.


    my questions are really this and I’d really appreciate your feedback

    the first steps in getting parental responsibilty removed? I’m assuming I need a lawyer or solicitor?

    anyone who has been through this process?

    the cost involved in this legal matter/court case?

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    If you were one of my sisters, who’ve all had seriously bad men in their lives, I’d be urging them to leave well alone!

    This may be a way of pulling this guy back into your lives, and adding to the bad memories. Also, as your son gets older, no matter how unlikely it may seem right now, he may connect with his father. Would going down the route you suggest be giving ammunition to his father to use against you?

    In our family experience, being totally discounted, forgotten about and ignored, is the best weapon against the type of man I suspect he is. By completely letting go, you give yourself the freedom to move on with the least hassle possible..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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