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    Has anyone used REMO to receive child maintenance when NRP works outside UK?  My ex is working for a foreign Company and so CMS are unable to make an assessment.  They have suggested REMO.  I have looked on the GOV.UK website and Country Ex lives and works in is listed as a REMO Country, but the applicable treaty is listed as “to be confirmed”.  Not sure what that means and if it would make the process longer.

    From what I have read REMO can take many months to resolve.  My Ex is a cunning person and I would not be surprised if they have chosen such a location in an attempt to find a crack in the system.

    Previously Ex worked through a UK Limited Company and the salary and dividends appeared to be very low.  However, Ex seemed to have good accountant and CMS Tribunal failed.  That too took months to take place.

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