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    I have been separated from my ex fiancé for 15 months and we have an 18 month old daughter.

    The relationship was in breakdown but in the end I left because he had alcohol abuse issues and was displaying some risky behaviours with a baby in the house which meant that I couldn’t stay any longer.

    I left our joint home and have been living in my mums spare room with my toddler.

    My ex has had sporadic contact with our little one. He has been controlling and harassing and I’ve had to report to the police on several occasions. I tried to set up his parents as third party contact arrangement but he stopped that. I’ve asked him to arrange a contact centre on my solicitors advice which he hasn’t done. This means he hasn’t seen our daughter for 8 months now.

    I have some friends, a potential relationship and an offer of cheap accommodation now (I had to give up my job to take care of our daughter and finances are very strained) but it’s 4 hours away from my ex. Can I move? I genuinely think the move is in the best interests of my daughter and I and will give us a better quality of life.

    Ive had to pursue my ex for maintence payments as he refused to pay and had to take him to court to force the sale of the house as he refused to sell and I need the money for my daughter.

    Any advice greatly appreciated!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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