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    i have an 18 month old daughter and have been separated from my ex partner for a year now.

    The relationship was in breakdown already but in the end I left quicker than planned as his drinking became much worse and he displayed some risky behaviours so I left for the safety reasons in the end.

    Since I left I have been living in my mums spare bedroom with my daughter. My ex changed the locks on our jointly owned house, got a new girlfriend within three weeks and refused to sell the house.

    He refused to pay maintenance for 6 months until I formally did it through CSM. Even threatened to leave his job rather than pay.

    He was having our daughter every Sunday but then started to mess around with timings, sometimes not arriving at all.

    He was verbally aggressive and harassed me and my family when collecting our daughter. I’ve had to report him to the police a few times. I’ve now asked him to arrange a contact centre for handover as contact between us no longer feels appropriate or safe. Since January 2018 he hasn’t done it and hasn’t seen our daughter now for 7 months.

    Ive tried third party contact with his parents and he stopped it. I’ve organised mediation and he didn’t come. I’ve had to take him to court to force the sale of our house as he wouldn’t agree to sell.

    Im now on benefits and trying to make a better life somehow for my daughter.

    I want to move away (4 hours away) to be closer to some friends, start a business and find us some housing in a more affordable area. My daughter will get a life by the sea With her own space to grow and develop and some financial security for the future.

    Can I do this? I’m scared of anything he might do to try to stop me.

    Any advice appreciated! Thank you

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