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    Hi Kathy,

    You are right on that. I guess the children will end up finding their own voice in all this mess. I just don’t want them to choose either path to make any of us happy.

    I guess time will tell and the only thing I can do is to support them and be there for them.

    Thank you.


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    Hi Anonymous

    First of all I do not agree with you that my comments on waiting for the child to reach 18 is naive.They are too young to make such decisions and no manor of beliefs or culture so be imposed on them without both parents consent.

    It is also wrong to say that mammy will go to hell because she has no religion.This sort of comment needs reporting to social services.It is morally wrong.

    As I mentioned their mother converted to Islam and we all have agreed She will not try impose her beliefs on our kids and make no comments about me not believing in religion.However she does talk to them about Islam albeit when I’m with them

    As I said once they turn 18 that’s up to them.

    It works perfectly





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    I think as cosmopolitan country that has all nationalities and faiths it’s really good to expose children to different cultures and faiths.

    I do not belong to a particular religion nor am I religious  and my sister  who who feels the same says the whole world has gone mad because of religion   and that  there should not be one actually  exposed her kids to Islam , Santan dharma and Christianity  at a very young age . She says it’s important for her kids to make friends and learn about other faiths. Her children are grown up a now & do not accept any religion because they are not interested.any more . They were not brain washed into Islam because their Islamic father said it’s the best religion.but he tried his best to guide them .

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    Hi Sherima

    You are absolutely correct.My kids spent the most of their life living in Wembley north London. They made friends with kids from every faith imaginable. This gave them fantastic life lessons.

    However to impose your beliefs or culture on others is not acceptable in any society.

    More so it is not correct to demonise the other parent through children.




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    Your comments about the evils of the world can be somehow cured by believing in a particular god is wrong, more people have died and suffered over the course of human history because of religion than any other man made cause which is a fact not a belief.

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    Anonymous, I’m sorry I couldn’t contribute earlier, I’ve just done a 9 1/2 shift at work.

    G has tried to compromise but because of her ex’s religious views he is unwilling to come to an agreement. The middle ground is that he does not allow his beliefs to effect his childrens view of their mother, this is clearly not the case.

    At no point did I state that the children were expected to fast at school, I merely pointed out that is a fact that children who are hungry suffer intellectually, I did not say anything to inflame G, I said it because it is a provable FACT. It seems more likely that you tried to twist my words to force an argument so that you can falsely claim we are islamaphobic which is rubbish.

    It is absolutely wrong for one parent to make out that the other parent is going to hell because they don’t believe. Not that G made that statement, she said that the children were told that she would not go to heaven but again youre twisting what was said to suit your agenda.

    G has not been inflexible, she has said that she has no problem with the children learning about her ex’s religion and has not stood in the way when he wanted to take them to these events, it has only become a problem when the father’s religion has affected he and her childrens relationship which is perfectly reasonable. G has not said she doesn’t want the children to participate in their fathers religious activities so how can that be naive? Perhaps it might be best to actually read what she is saying rather than make up things to attack her?

    Gs ex and herself brought up the children to be non religious. Do you not think that from a childs point of view that for one parent to turn fanatical about some god is going to confuse them? Or is it that the children’s mental stability is less important than their conversion to a particular religion?

    What Gs ex is imposing on her and her children is awful, no parent should feel alienated because the other has decided to suddenly worship a mystical being.

    Brainwashing is exactly the right word, if the ex was teaching them facts that’s fine but he isn’t, he is forcing his beliefs which are not held up by science, if he wants to believe in some god that’s fine, it’s up to him but he shouldn’t inflict his beliefs on anyone else especially at the detriment of children’s mother.

    Children are the most things in world and should never be put before any unprovable and ultimately caustic belief.

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    My last sentence of my last post was supposed to say ‘children are the most precious things in the whole world.’ I’m exhausted and my brain is on go slow!

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    Hi Anonymous.

    I was brought up I a non religious family as was my father and his father.My father is in his nineties and still doesn’t believe in any form of religion even though as he says his time is close.

    So all opinions should be respected by all.

    To some people religion means nothing at all and they are simply not interested in learning about. This does not make that person any worse than a person who follows religion.

    I myself have learned a lot about Islam over these past couple of years  not through choice I may add.But through necessity.

    I don’t want to go into furthers details

    you can private message me if you wish




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    I agree that religion should not be forced on to people especially little children and anyone should not be insulted whether they accept god or not into their lives .

    My boss is a Buddhist but our colleague is a self righteous born again Christian and thinks everyone is evil and won’t eat  home cooked food that is not prepared in her kitchen because apparently itscursed by black magic

    She told me in confidence that Buddhism is not a proper religion and I put her in her place & said  don’t say this to me as you  don’t know anything about their beliefs  . She said ignorantly “0h I can tell because you take your child and under stand what I’m saying”


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    I had serious issue with our son going to a religious school as I am also an atheist but felt that the school in question was going to impose belief etc.  It was not a case of anti C of E, but wanting them to not impose any belief and instead wanting him to learn about diversity of people of all faiths or lack thereof.  I must say I have been extremely surprised in that despite concerns the school has helped bring values and compassion and really have helped with dealing with his parents separation as well as been supportive to both myself and his mother during that time, and to this day he is now agnostic… Kind of still figuring it all out but being very aware of diverse beliefs.

    I think many religions (Islam included) provide a lot of sanctuary or some people despite me being an atheist.  The only concern I would have relating to that specifically would be to share Mark’s concern if it is a sudden converting to it my their father in light of current affairs – but there is a huge difference between Islam and those who use extremist factions of it to do justify acts that real Muslims would never ever condone .  I’d reccommend talking to your kids about it and learning as much as possible about what they are told and must do etc…see what it really is that their father believes.  The same would apply to any sudden conversion and imposition of faith on kids of any religion,  but if you have concerns it’s only possible to do something once you know what you are dealing with and as Anonymous said both theist and atheist beliefs are valid as each other, all you can do is get your view across as balance but make sure that nothing his side is actually damaging or harmful.  If it is any real religion (including Islam) it won’t be….if it is any form of extremism that’s when you need to take action, otherwise just focus on doing what you already are and show them your side and invite them to make up their own minds.  The fact you are not forcing it upon them should hopefully make them more receptive.



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