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    I posted on here a couple of days ago about my ex partner changing the arrangement for picking up my son. The situation has escalated since and I’m now being denied access to my child.

    To recap, I was told I’d be picking up my son from her partners house on Saturday just gone, which I ended up doing. I had my usual time with him and took him home at 5 to his address. When I got there, my ex wasn’t there as she was at her partners. Now, I realise that maybe I should have assumed this, or asked, but it was a tense situation and I wasn’t really thinking, I just did the same as I had been doing every time for 3 months.

    She told me that she was calling the police to tell them that she is worried about her and my sons safety. She collected my son half way between mine and hers with her partner and whoever dropped them off. She text me later Saturday evening saying that I wasn’t seeing my son on the Sunday as she was worried about his safety.

    I went to the police station yesterday and was informed that she had made a report, but they were not concerned it needed action as nothing had happened and that they would not be following this up. I then spoke with Child Services who put me in touch with the Family Law Service who are trying to get me an appointment to discuss a court order, but this won’t be until February.

    I messaged my ex today to tell her my day off this week and she replied saying that I’m not seeing my son until further notice. I’ve asked why, but I’ve had no reply.

    My son isn’t in any danger with me in any way, shape or for. I’ve had no incidents of violence, aggression or even a bad temper, I’m very laid back and passive (part of the reason she fell out of love with me).

    I’m at my wits end, I want to see my son. Is there anything else I can do? I don’t want to wait until February to start what might be a lengthy process before I see him again.

    Can anyone help?

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    I know this is not what you are wanting to hear , but there is nothing u can do .  Reason being is if u attempt to text/ring or go round her house as u already seen she will ring the police. once ex partners ring police then big problems lie ahead as this can lead to non molestation orders as this gets free representation in court. If you do decide to text make sure its about your child only and nothing else . It does sound to me like shes going to withold contact untik you go to family court.

    About family law services , you only have an appointment in february which is a long time away. What you actually need to do as early as 2moro is  to contact a mediator so you can try and re-establish contact and see your child. More often than not ex partners will not engage but some do . If she doesnt the mediator will sign a c100 for you so you can apply straight to the family courts . It can be a lengthy process and will normally take 5-6 weeks to get a court hearing. It is likely you can fill out c100 and apply to family courts if mediation fails before your family law appointment. I would still attend that as u maybe able to get additional advice.

    Finally i think you can ring people off this forum ie moderators for advice i believe as well . Not sure if its free or not though.

    Make sure u contact a mediator 2moro morning  and get the ball rolling and steer clear from ex and only message about your child. If you get angry say the wrong things she has got you where she wants you and things become 10 x harder to see your child.

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    Thank you for your advice. I will contact a mediator first thing in the morning and see how we go

    Is just so frustrating feeling so helpless

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