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    I was wondering if anyone may have been in a similar situation-

    Split from now ex December as he had an affair and was lying and manipulative… have a joint owned house and a daughter (3 in january)

    He is refusing to do anything with the house, i am now looking to force a sale. I moved out and am renting on my own with daughter since june

    He also recently met someone maybe around 2 months now, who also has a 3year old daughter and introduced our daughter to them both after only meeting one time before and continue to meet regularly. He did not tell me this or discuss, i only found out as my daughter told me about it.

    I asked for him to leave our daughter out of their relationship until it is further along and they know it will last.

    I met this woman the other day and am not happy with the way she acts/behaves so do not feel comfortable with my daughter being around her.

    wondered if anyone has had anything similar and attempted to fight for sole decision making responsibilities- i dont mind father seeing daughter, just do not agree with new woman being around my daughter.

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    Hi been in a similar situation where my EX has introduced the kids too soon to her new partner even though it was agreed in mediation not to introduce the children to new partners too soon,there’s nothing you can really do about it,just remember no woman will ever replace you as your daughters mother,it took me 10 months to get the family house on the market as she was refusing to sell,but couldn’t afford to buy me out,your best bet is moving back into the family home with your daughter he may change his mind then,trying to force sell your house will cost at least 10k and it can take 12 months through the courts

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    Thanks for the reply Jsmoove

    i have debated moving back into the house to try and speed up the decision as he would not like that, however there would be too many arguments and I know he would still invite the other woman round to spite me, it wasn’t the most amicable split given the fact he had an affair unfortunately. I think it would confuse my daughter being too young to understand also 🙁

    suppose like you say there’s not a lot you can do unfortunately. The rules are not as forgiving for unmarried couples which is a shame

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    Constantly Amazed

    Hi, it depends if he is willing to fight you and spend money doing so. I was faced with this issue, ex was refusing to pay half the mortgage and refusing to agree to sell (I had nowhere to go only my parents with our children with me half the time) – the person she cheated with was sleeping in my house within 3 weeks – truly horrific.

    I saw a solicitor and it all it took was a single email stating that I will be moving forward to force a sale (with my solicitors contact details inc for them to contact) and suddenly she agreed.

    My solicitor told me that as we were unmarried and I needed my half of the house (and in addition to not be financially stuck to her) to move on and provide for the children as well it was very likely I would win this as she couldn’t stop me moving on by keeping me financially tied to her so to speak (and the courts would recognise this).

    The hardest part was selling the house – took about 9 months with one or 2 incidences (viewings cancelled etc) but I got there.

    Good luck

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