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    I’m in a difficult situation.
    2 weeks ago I told my husband of 30 years our marriage is over.
    He was shocked. God knows why as we have been drifting apart for years. Separate beds etc..

    his first reaction was disbelief then this turned into anger. Then he turned in kind of supportive mode. Then started to plead with me to don’t leave him. He said he will try harder.  But as far as I’m concerned it’s over. He’s not listening. My eldest child has got involved. Unfortunately. Wanted to keep them all out of it.
    Basically I have been worn down with guilt and pity for my husband. So I agreed for one more try knowing deep down it’s not what I really want!!
    I don’t know the best way forward!!!

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    You have one life to be happy,don’t force yourself to stay if you’re unhappy,you need to worry about your feelings first,it won’t be easy,it never is,he will struggle to start with as marriage life is all he knows,but in time he will heal,just because a marriage has ended doesn’t mean your life has to,just make sure you are 100% first,be strong,by staying you are going to make it harder on him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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