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    Anyone recommend any books to buy for my toddler? He is getting upset which I think is due obviously to me and his Dad splitting, but also his change of routine, his Dad living at a different house and seeing him less.



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    Hi L.

    We separated and I now have our 3 kids.

    She’s gone. I can’t recommend any books.

    All I done was to explain that mammy and daddy  won’t be living together anymore and that mammy still loves you.It was hard in the beginning but all the kids wanted was reassurance and they do adjust pretty fast.

    They do see their mother on a regular basis though.




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    I have just bought my kids a book called “two homes” and my eldest said she loved it and helped her a lot, bless her.

    Another book I bought is the “Invisible String”. It’s more generic, but still about being loved and love someone who is away from you.

    I am going through the same. My youngest (5) doesn’t seem to be bothered at all. The eldest has ups and downs. She tends to be a worrier (like me) and I know sadness is going to come in waves. I will be there to listen and provide support. I believe we’ll all be fine eventually.

    Good luck

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    Thank you.

    My son is 2 and I was hoping the split wouldn’t affect him as I have tried so hard to keep things as stable and positive as possible but he is picking up on things. It’s heartbreaking, but you are right, we will all be fine eventually.

    good luck to you too.


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