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    I became single very recently and have a two children under 3. I manage to stay happy around them but its for their sake and i can feel myself sinking when i dont have to pretend im okay. I find evenings so difficult too. As the kids are in bed and im confined to my house. I feel lost, and like i dont know who i am anymore. I can’t sleep or eat properly, im always tired and restless. I need help finding myself again. I don’t have any family or friend support really which makes things more difficult. I dont even know what my point was making this post, its just nice to tell someone how i actually feel.

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    I’ve been parenting on my own for 7 years with no support. The evenings take a while to get used to.

    summer is easier, I can sit out with a glass of wine after children in bed but winter evenings drag. I have a yoga mat in the sitting room to exercise, and I cook for the freezer one night a week, I read, listen to music, bake for lunch boxes. Sometimes a project like planning redecorating a room. Or I skype friends/sister.

    Do you have any creative hobbies?

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    Hi Emily

    It is one of th emost emotional, hard and tragic times you will go through in your life so please give yourself a break.  It is quite normal for you to feel how you do.  I have been there and could not imagine a way out.  Firstly, have you been to the doctors?  It is not an admittance of defeat, it is possibly a necessity.  I have joined this site 15 months after my separation and I am here as I feel I can help people in your position.  Just a chat or some advice, can make a difference.

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    It’s heartbreaking to read what your life is like, but I could have written the same about my life right now.

    im 8 months after separation but getting lots of help from different agencies, sadly you do have to go to them for help.

    private message me if it helps also tell your doctor exactly how you feel your not alone

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    Actually i do enjoy knitting and using oil pastels kathy. I have recently moved house so i have lots to do haha. I just dont seem to have the motivation to pull myself together for myself. I can do it for face value and im fine as far as my children our concerned. Obviously its very fresh and it makes it a little more difficult that my ex partner plays a very active role in our childrens lives which although its amazing for them it makes things a little tricky for me as far as emotions are concerned. And thank you mozza, ill have a think about seeing the dr. And thank you missykins. Im sorry to hear that your feeling the same way although its comforting to know im not the only one i guess. I may private message later as its tea time prep in our house

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    I’m new to this site and was reading some posts the other night but I wanted to come back and reply to yours so I’ve registered. I’m currently going through a separation and also have 2 children under 3. I’m sorry if this sounds horrible but it’s nice to know that someone else is going through what I am with such young children.  Most posts I read are when the children are a bit older, not that any age is easy, but for me it’s heart breaking to think of still having my babies and bringing them up without the “family unit”.

    I guess there is no real purpose to this post but I wanted to hopefully bring some comfort to you in that you are not alone! I’m more than happy to private message if you like, I may not be much help but I can probably understand what you’re going through. I have a very supportive family but I am not ready to tell them yet so I often feel alone too! Xx

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