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    Yes Kanger1 I completely agree with you about meeting someone else and taking my time, I’m certainly not on that page at the moment and won’t be for a while. My main concern is my children and me and that’s enough for now 🙂

    And as you say Liane Keep going 🙂



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    Your not alone hun I’m too going through divorce 2 kids 12 & 10 after 16yrs I couldn’t go on any longer even for the sake of kids the control and lack understanding with my early peri menopause made me realise I needed to be stronger and break free.  The worse part of it all for me was feeling I’ve let my kids down but surely 2 unhappy parents togethermakes 2 happy parents separate … right?   I hope it all works out for you lots of people on here in the same situation can offer support,  stay strong. Xx

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    jean Jeanie

    I feel that talking on here is helping and seeing others are in the same  boat, even if  it’s a shitty boat😂 I know it’s only 12 weeks since we spilt but I feel like I’ve felt this low for a life time, Im trying to think positive but it’s so bloody hard 😕 I’ve joined Meetup groups to try and get out so hopefully I have something to look forward to, They are a walking group so hopefully I’ll be too knackered to care!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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