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    My wife and I had been together for 11 years, with three amazing children. We have recently separated, with herself initiating it after being unfaithful. I have agreed to the separation as it has happened on previous occasions.We are in the processing of selling our home, and have split living in it only whilst we have our time with the children. Rest of the time, when it is the other parents turn with the kids, we stay at parents or friends. It has only been a month but my wife is already seeing another man and has purposefully left evidence to suggest they have had sexual relations in our home. I am struggling with returning to the house to find this evidence and am worried if the children are aware and how they feel I am still adjusting to the separation, although I know it is for the best and am struggling to manage all the feelings. I am struggling to sleep in the home whilst it is my time with the children and am struggling to even enjoy my time with children too. How can I help move past this?

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    Dont split living arrangements.  Decide who stays in house and stick to it, start as you mean to go on and give each other the space.  Stay consistemt, whoever the kids are with stays where their home is (be it parents or rented acvomodation or whatever.  Things as you describe will be really confusing for both u and the kids.  Theybneed to be as clear with whats happening as u are.  For yiur own sanity and stability if u arfnt going to end up witg the fsmily hkme u need to set wheels in motion now to getting yourself somewhere to live.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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