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    My husband recently left me not even 3 months ago he now has a new friend and has been staying at her house when he doesn’t have our children.

    Our children have spoken to the new friend on the phone even though he promised he wouldn’t introduce them to anyone new as it is still so raw. The children were a bit upset by this but now he keeps bringing her name up so when the children come back to me they mention how she gave them this or bought them that, they haven’t met her face to face yet but I think he is building up to this and I think it is far too soon.

    He hasn’t given me or the children time to come to terms with the separation before bringing a new person into the equation friend or more. Sometimes I’m finding it difficult to cope especially when I don’t feel like the children are his priority.

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    Your ex is foolish & thoughtless of what’s best for his children. It must feel terrible.

    even if their relationship is of longer standing than you think, he cannot yet be sure that it will go the distance, and is involving his kids is for his own benefit rather than what is best for them.

    legally he is entitled to introduce them to whoever he wishes, so other than talking to him, I’m not sure there is much you can do, so stay calm, be non-committal and call her daddy’s friend. Most kids aren’t fooled by bribery. And she may not be that keen on becoming an instant step mum either. Let them draw their own conclusions, listen & reassure them. And be kind to yourself x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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