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    Hey all! I just joined and I recently seperated from my husband 9 months ago. I have 2 children. One of 4 called Holly and one is 14 months called Emily. Looking to make some new parent friends to hang out with. Since the separation, I been rather lonely:(

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    Hi Jenna1990,

    Sorry to hear of how you feel. Separation can indeed feel lonely, and you have certainly made an important step of breaking out of the loneliness by posting on here:-) if you could add what part of the country you are from, so local single parents who maybe able to chat to you and meet up can get in touch.


    Best wishes.

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    Sorry about that I’m from milton Keynes, UK

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    Good. I hope single parents from MK and the surrounding areas get in touch.

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    Hi Jenna.

    I’m separated 4 months, I undersatand the loneliness side but feeling happier as time moves forward. My kids are a little older at 14 and 18. I live in MK18.

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    Hi all

    Just in case you don’t know, we have a gingerbread group that runs in Milton Keynes.  Please have a look at the group search feature to get their contact details.

    Have a good day, Justine

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    Hi Jenna

    I’m recently separated too since the end of October 2019, I finally got the guts to end things it didn’t go down well with my husband and unfortunately he is still living in the same house as me and the kids. I did meet someone which is another reason he didn’t take it well but that ended. Now he has meet someone (a family friend) and I’m happy for him but just wish he would leave to be with her so I can have my own space with just my kids. I feel like I’m stuck in Limbo with him still living here, If I did meet someone I can’t bring them round because he is here and I don’t want to be parading a new man around. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t have the same attitude about showing off how happy he is now with his new Gf and takes our kids and hers out together places. I’m trying to shield my kids but then he is telling them everything about our separation, about how he can’t wait to leave (who knows when that will be) and about his new GF, like a 8 year old needs to know this sort of stuff. My 12 year old some how seems to being dealing with it ok but not the little one. I have given my husband till the end of this month to move out because I have had enough now. I feel like on one hand I did the right thing ending our 15 year marriage but on the other hand guttered too. I’m lonely too even though there can be crowd around me, this feeling is strange. I don’t live in Mk but in the Midlands. I hope you find people you can talk too.

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