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    Hi hello

    I’m very new here and very recently filed for divorce on grounds of adultery  – to my husband with my ‘friend’.

    We have been together almost 15yrs (married almost 14yrs) and have 2 children (age 3 & 11). My children and I are in our marital family home and he has finally agreed to move out 4 nights a week.  I think he only agreed so he had the opprtunity to spend time with his new girlfriend.

    He was/is the breadwinner and although I have my own very small business, its not enough to stand independently on our own 3 pairs of feet.

    Please can someone point me in the right direction of advice on what government benefits my children and I could/would now be entiled too? I’ve searched online a few times but its all rather confusing and sometimes full of contradictions.

    Many thanks in advance

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    As well as benefits, make sure that you claim 25% discount on Council Tax.

    You may want to think about applying for Spousal maintenance as well as child maintenance

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    Thank You both

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