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    Hi all

    I am new here i recently became a single parent to my 11 year old daughter her dad my partner passed away on june 29th with alcohol related liver disease so its been pretty tough going he wanted the help but was top late damage was done and it hurts so much

    The day after the funeral we went to yorkshire to stay with my family for a month needed a break have have returned to the south today and me and my daughter have had a melt down because he isnt here he is never coming back and i dont know how i will get through this im 36 he was 42 and been so far from my family aswell

    Has anyone been through this as we just feel so lost and only been back a few hrs

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    Hi Stargemz83

    Thank you for posting here on our forum.  I am so sorry for your loss and I can hear your distress.  I am sure it won’t be long there will be other parents who are able to share some similar experiences.  In the meantime here is some information which hopefully will be of use:

    • Widowed and Young provide peer to peer support service for men and women under 50 who have lost a partner.  It is run by a network of volunteers and offers a range of services.

    • Cruse Bereavement Care offers face to face, telephone and online support to those who have lost someone.

    Hope this helps and I wish you well.


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    Hi Stargemz83

    My eight-year-old son and I went through something similar last year when my wife, his mum died.

    If it helps, I found my son helped me get through it as much as I helped him. It is something you get through together.


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    Thank you sorry for your loss how does your son cope my 11 year old daughter isnt coping since been home she keeps breaking down and hates been in the house because her dad should be here not easy is it

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    Straight after my wife died, my son’s emotions would change rapidly. One moment he would be incredibly upset, a short while later he would act like nothing had happened, and everything was fine.

    I don’t know if it helped that my son was a bit younger than your daughter and didn’t completely understand what had happened.

    I did find that having to care for my son, helped me ‘keep it together’, I had to be there for him and make sure he was ok, which meant I had to look after myself.

    If it helps, it does get easier over time.


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    I lost my partner in may this year she was 48, we have 3 young children and i really feel your pain ,your trying to deal with childrens grief when you can not deal with your own .My kids dont talk about their mother ( i wish they would)  i dont know if they have blanked it out or just dont want to talk .

    This is probably the crappiest time of your life , i  sit cry at least once a day and  hate getting up on a morning ,if you think you need help get it even if its just messaging people on here were all going through the same thing  . Children are more resilient than you think they will grow up and find their own path in life .  All anyone of us can do is our best .

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    Thank you

    Today hasnt been too bad but just because there hasnt been tears im not thinking about him one day at a time is all i can do and take each day as it comes

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    Hi, I realise this post is coming up to a year ago now but I wanted to reach out anyway.

    Bereaved due to the same reason earlier this year. I know it won’t have been an easy year for you’s. I hope you’ve found lots more light in your lives 🕊

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