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    so me and my ex split up about 3 months ago as I found out he was sending another woman nudes of himself. At first he seemed extremely apologetic was messaging me everyday asking about myself and baby. He has been very hot and cold with me to the point of us agreeing to get back together but taking it slow but then he doesnt message me for days its got to the point where he hasnt messaged me for nearly a week now and im starting to think he is not bothered about his son. He only has come to 1 midwife appointment and that was my first one he came to both scans but did not turn up to 30wk private scan. I just don’t know what to do anymore and its getting me so down to the point im crying every night I just want my son to have his dad around but he is being so careless lately.

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    Its difficult without a more overarching view of the story but I’m a dad and if I was in that situation you really couldn’t keep me away. Do you want him because you want him or because its safer and it’s what you think is best for your little one? I want my wife back because it’s safe but its not what is best if you follow me

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    This is my first time on this forum and I am no expert but am in exactly the same position. I am 29 weeks and my husband left 3 months ago. I am really struggling but I have been assured that his behaviour is typical of narcissism and this has helped me to better understand the weird and cruel things he does. One of which is intermittent reward where he will stone wall me then hammer me with communication. I’ve had to block him as it messes with my head so much and I am very nervous about coparenting. it is definitely abusive behaviour. Google narcissistic abuse and see if this fits with your experience and then seek help from counsellors and support groups. I feel and hear your pain. I can’t believe the man I trusted the most in the world has turned out to be a complete con artist and it’s hard to keep my head above water. Thinking of you xxx

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    Jesus ladies please dont think all guys are like this!!

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    What I am trying to say is that just make your own decisions and don’t wait up for your husband!

    Don’t even think what he wants to do that.

    I think it’s better to go with your way whatever it is..

    And I’m fully agree with @Mrdad, all guy’s are not like this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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