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    I hope somone is able to help.

    I’ve only recently separated from my wife and felt it was most appropriate for me to move out.

    We have 2 kids (9 & 7) and I was the primary carer from Monday evening to Thursday evening, as my wife worked away.I proposed that we lead seperate lives but stay in the house, just whilst we sort out our affairs and most importantly to look ensure kids had stability.

    My wife declined this offer and said she would take the week off work/work from home, whilst she sopted out alternative arrangements. But I have since discovered that she has gone to work and arranged for my children to be picked up from school and stay at friends houses Tues – Thur indefinitely.

    The house is in my wife’s name and she is the major financial provider. Although I did school runs, children’s activities, cooked 7 days a week, homework, food shopping and contributed what I could to household bills and home improvements. All whilst still juggling a full time job.I’m now thinking I should return to the marital home, if only to ensure some stability/normality for my children.

    However, I don’t think my wife will agree to it. Should I accept this or can I just move back in to the marital home? Ultimately, I don’t think my children should be away from a parent for long periods of time.

    I wouldn’t want to live under the same roof as her for too long as I’m keen to move on with life and contine the strong and close relationship I have with my two childre. But bearing in mind she works away and it’s a big house, I’m prepared to it for the sake of the kids. Just until we can agree on a seperation agreement and parent plan. Once this has been negotiated/agreed then I would look to find a suitable rental home and commence with shared parenting on a 50:50 basis.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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    Hi mate

    I separated from my wife 15 months ago now.  Been through most of it.

    When the house is only in one persons name, I dont really know what the legalities are.  I would suggest you get in contact with CAB first of all and then if needed get a free first consulation with a solicitor to discuss your options.  I am sure it wont be easy, it never is but there is plenty you need to think about such as child benefit, maintenance etc.  I am pretty sure your wifes friend cannot pick up the kids and look after them as that is a job for a child minder and I think its against the law.

    Good luck



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