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    As a single parent crying babies are difficult to handle and which parent likes to see baby cry. so here are some reasons for your little ones crying as well as ways you can soothe them.

    1. Need sleep- the babies tend to get cranky and irritated when they need sleep. Many times this is the reasons for them crying. They don’t understand that they are sleepy and want rest,their reflex is just days to cry.

    2. too cold or too hot- The natural reaction of babies to discomfort is crying . If they feel too hot, they start crying .and if they feel chilly they again start crying. So, temperature control is also a way you can spot your baby from just crying away.

    3. Teething Pain – The process of teething can cause pain.

    4. Hunger- This is another important reason why babies cry. Whenver they are hungry and need food they start crying. It best as single parents we stock up on easy ready made purees and porridge for the babies

    Hey parents please share your experiences and some great baby food option to stock up which has no added sugar.

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    shreya Singh

    there are many reasons for little ones crying away as sometimes the major reasons why that did cry is because of food so the food is not proper they won’t like it so it is important to feed the baby with right kind of nutrition

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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