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    Hi there,

    I just wondered if anyone can help. My ex partner and I split when I was 4 months pregnant and our little girl is now 3 months old. Ever since our little one was born I have been taking her to her dads every weekend and have always been accommodating towards times and length of time we spend there as I think it’s vital for them to have a bond. I am currently breastfeeding (unable to express) and my little one can sometimes go 2-3 hours without a feed (only really when in the pram) and otherwise it can be every hour. Her dad is quite supportive with this and doesn’t seem to mind but has recently asked when he can have our little girl overnight. Can anyone advise on what kind of timeline a court would advise for overnight stays, particularly where the dad doesn’t ask about her at all and literally just sees her once a week (when he is welcome to come and see her at my house as I live alone in a rented apartment) and doesn’t make the effort. I have advised I think once I have finished breastfeeding (hoping to continue until our little girl is 1) I think he should be spending time alone with her (if not before the year if she is able to spend longer without a feed or I find a pump that works!) but this should be gradual and work up to every over weekend with overnight stays? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    my experience with court is that they give very little time with newborns. i was spending 30 minutes every saturday with baby daughter. then it became 1 hour from when she turned 6 months. time gradually increased. she’s now 2 and I have her 7 hours at home, every other sunday. when she is 2 and a half, she will be spending 1 night, every other sunday. will be full weekends when she turns 3.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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