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    I recently found out I am pregnant. Unfortunately, I found out a few days after my relationship broke down. I freaked out at first because I have had a termination in the past and it ruined me. I could speak to my partner or even look at him because I felt I’d made the decision so rushed, it was wrong. So this time, I explained to my ex partner that I wanted some time to think about it. He told me, whatever happened, he couldn’t support me. He already has 2 kids that he doesn’t see, not necessarily his own fault. But obviously that doesn’t encourage to want more.

    So because it’s Christmas, and with Covid, I rang the abortion clinic for an appointment just in case anyway, so that they wouldn’t leave me long if I did decide not to go through with the pregnant. 3 weeks on and they called me yesterday, and obviously tried to get an idea of how far gone I am, but because I’ve been on the mini pill for so long I don’t get periods, she wasn’t confident and asked me to go for a scan. Long story short, it turns out I’m 18 weeks. This seems to change the whole thing for me. I can’t get my head to think any other way, than this is now an actual baby inside me. I’ve never wanted kids, and certainly not on my own. But this just doesn’t feel right. I struggle with depression and I’m not amazingly independent anymore. My parents help me out a lot. But because of this I feel like I have a good support system. Could I have this baby?

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    You can absolutely do this because you already are and are already thinking ahead. Its great you have the support of your parents and dont think this as a weakness everyone needs someone by their side. Theres lots of support out there you dont need to feel alone x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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