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    Hi Gingey hope you feel better today!

    How was that DVD? Maybe I should watch it next time I feel a bit down.

    I’m good just the same old.

    Think that the forum helps me not to feel too lonely- my social life is almost not existing as I don’t have much help with my little one and not enough money to spare. So it’s basically work – home – long lonely evenings- and work again.

    Having Halloween party soon so that’s something to look forward to and practice my social skills:)

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    Hi Neika

    The dvd is fab. Love comedy, Peter Kay, Michael Mcintyre and Alan Carr guaranteed to have me laughing my head off

    Yes my social life has been limited in terms of going out. Although i see family nearly everyday…monday is day don’t go to family so day in the flat…well i always just pop shops with little one so not in all day

    Evenings are lonely think its the dark too feels bit shady. Aw nice party on the horizon hey always good.

    My son is 1 on sunday and im throwing a party quite proud that im organising it all. Its being held in thr big communal room at my gran and grandads place, they live in flats for over 60s and theres a big room and its free sunday so wr have it for my son. Been looking forward to it for weeks, got all the decorations sorted last few months and presents just now need the food this week sooo excited

    Plus back to work next week all go but all good

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    Hi members,

    Thanks for sharing your views and thoughts – it’s great to see parents talking about their experiences and our online forum is here to bring you together to give and recieve support.

    We want our forum to be a safe, uplifting and welcoming community and we encourage all parents to be supportive, non-judgmental and understanding towards each other. Please remember our forum rules which outlines what we allow on the forum, and why, and the ways we encourage parents to chat.

    If you’d like to discuss our guidelines or anything else, please get in touch:

    Take care and happy chatting!

    Poppy at Gingerbread

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    I think you are a lot braver than you give yourself credit for, to be open a honest on a forum saying you are struggling is big and brave, and there is a lot more of us who have a really bad day, we feel trapped, hate our life, where we are, and dont see hope. they are human traits and actually very normal. sometimes we need to get low, to have a reason to change or seek help.

    If you like to chat more you can private massage me.

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    As I posted yesterday, my time on the forum is coming to an end because of the change in policy but I thought that the forum is for support.

    On this thread, there’s someone who is extremely critical of others, which really isn’t helpful.

    We’re all entitled to opinion but how we phrase our messages is so important .

    Gingey take care and I hope everything works out for you.

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    Hi Gingey28

    I totally understand  I feel really low at the moment too as struggling with money and keeping myself and little man afloat. Feel very alone esp once my little man goes to bed and then I’m sat at home with my thoughts and worrying about money. Even more so knowing that my ex is living the life of luxury rather than supporting his son.

    My emotions are all over the place and I keep crying at work, home… Everywhere .

    Where abouts are you? I’m here if you want to chat, vent..

    Lou xx

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    Thank you guys all really nice to get a reply for people who know what its like and can relate. Hope you are all well


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    Hi Lou1979 im on the Wirral

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