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    I am a divorced dad of 2 . My ex strained the few friendships that we had and has left the children (whom I av custody of ) & I very isolated.

    I posted a friendship request a while but haven’t managed to establish some friendships as yet. I find myself especially, very lonely n yearning to av an adult conversation, friendships as the children at least some school friends.

    My life revolves around the children, work, n study, which occupies me, but still would av some room for friendships.

    It’s hard putting oneself out there n wearing ur heart on ur sleeve, but as the old saying goes, “u don’t ask u don’t get”, “knock n the door shall be opened /or slammed on ur face lol,” but u ain’t gonna know till u knock.

    Please get in touch if this post resonates with you.


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    Happy to chat anytime – PM me – also, try local single parent or Gingerbread groups. If there isn’t one, Gingerbread will help you set one up. You’ll find you’re never as alone as you feel. Welcome to the forum.

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    Thank you empty (like the user name, it’s hilarious) 4 ur response. It means so much 2 me.

    Sometimes I ask myself whatever did I do 2 find myself in this situation, you know. Feel I got a lot still 2 offer but the opportunities a never forthcoming.

    It’s the loneliness, in a world occupied by billions but pple take no notice whatsoever,, but am optimistic that one day, I ll find someone, 2 share moments.






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    I am single parent to 2 kids also,  happy to chat if you want to message

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    1. I’m also a single parent to 2 kids happy to chat anytime.Yep it gets lonely but at least you have your kids and expect your doing a fantastic job.
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    Hey I totally get how you feel, I too find myself so busy with children but when night time hits the loneliness kicks in, Here to chat and feel free to PM me also.

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    Thank you ginger bread users, n yes I am confident am doing right by the kids,.

    Problem people av from abusive (whether emotional, psychological, physical) marriages / relationships is the consequences they av 2 deal with even after they leave the abuse behind.

    We  here all share some story of some form, we av bn dealt whatever it is we a undergoing,. Question is how a we as individuals willing/able 2 accept that, move on.n make the most of what we cn ??

    Yes it’s very fulfilling 2 know that I’m in control of the 2 bambinos n that I provide em with the best care I cn, but I also do recognise I nd some social fulfilment in reconnecting with someone/s. N that way I know am in the best emotional, psychological state, to be the best dad, like a fine tuned machine lol.


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    Ps I posted a post recently titled “no shame no embarrassment ” n nobody responded 2 it, whether users found it offensive, weird, or stupidly courageous,, it would b good 2 know,  the jury is still out!!!

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    Was that the one about dating?…yes it was quite brave/nuts lol

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    I know exactly how you feel, im new on here. Please feel free to PM

    Thanks Lou


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