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    I have had a difficult time being a single parent, with no input from my child’s other parent and no contact. I don’t have a supportive family, they don’t even check if I’m ok and the few friends I have hardly ever call- although when I see them occasionally all is fine.

    Not having any real support is mentally making me feel down. I have always given so much care and support to others and need also to receive some back.

    Gone through many difficult experiences and simply wanted to reach out.

    thank you


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    This is exactly the reason that this site exists. To  help. To reach out. To understand. Dont think your alone because you are not. Others maybe can advise you better but please dont feel alone. We are in it together. For the long haul. As one. x

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    Hi Peace,

    Most of us single parents feel like you do at some point, single parenting is such a difficult job yet it’s the most rewarding in the end, what you have is priceless as you get to see and share all of the moments with the children/child but it’s easy to forget that in darker days, but as the poster above points out that’s why we’re here, to support each other.

    It’s also worth checking out to see if there’s any local gingerbread groups to you.


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    Hi 2020,

    A lot of people here can relate to what you have described. This is a rough time of year too and not having any people contact can really take its toll. I joined here to battle the loneliness and isolation and it really does help. Please remember you’re not alone and in all likelihood you wont be the only person local to you who is struggling. Try looking on here for groups but also look on FB. Take care and stay strong.

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    Peace2020 my situation is very similar.

    I think people just don’t give it a thought that being in your own, is actually quite tough.

    I thought I had an ok group of friends until last month when I had a few weeks of being really unwell and I realised none of them checked if I was ok or needed help with the kids- I have seen them since and it’s ok, but like I say I don’t think they really understand how lonely life can be.

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    Dear all that have replied to my post, and so quickly. I would like to say a huge thank you for these kind supportive words and taking the time to write. It’s the first time I have written on any forum or reached out and was surprised so many people would take the time to acknowledge my post. I’m also wishing everyone all the very best.


    thank you 🌞

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