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    I am a single dad of two children who reside with me. This is my 4th year since I divorced from an abusive marriage. I love my children so much (am sure like most of u on here).

    However,  because my ex strained all the friendships that we had, we have been left very isolated. At least the children forge friendships at school, but the same cant be said about me. I find myself very lonely and to make matters worse I got no friends to share with. Therefore, am reaching out to anyone on here who might be undergoing such an experience to please get in touch. Loneliness is common than people think..

    Am sure people wish everyone on here well, by telling them they’re not alone,but the reality is am alone, no friends, my other family are abroad, so it’s me and my 2 children battling against the odds  ..

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    Can you use Xmas as an excuse to reach out to some of those old friends?  Sending a few Xmas cards from you & the children with your new address & number on would cost a little but might restart some friendships.

    Go to the school Xmas events over the next two weeks, just being there gives people a chance to engage with you.

    We all rush around, terribly busy & forget to allow time with people.

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    Thanks for ur input. I know u mean well,but av tried all that to no avail. When I attend school events,  other parents keep me at arms length or just about manage small talk. It’s even more difficult when the children are the only different race. It’s so hard to make friendships as adults.

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    Hi Tunamayo,

    I. Experiencing almost exactly the same. I haven’t found a solution yet but I’m working on it. Being a single dad is hard and way harder when you have your children half the time – you’re full time so that must be nearly impossible.

    I have joined this online and now I’m considering groups and single dad groups.

    Where abouts are you? I’m in the NW and meeting other guys jn this area is proving hard. If you’re in a big ish city, there will be groups on here or on FB.

    Take care.

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    In south wales

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    Hey there,

    Yeah I fully understand what you have had, I’m living with 4 years boy and I have to confess that it’s a hard work.

    Good news here is you can find a local group in UK.

    But I’m living abroad due to my job!

    Keep searching and find a best group and people to meet up mate.

    All the best


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    We live in quite secluded area where finding a social group is almost impossible. Hence, whomever feels kind enough to strike new friendships, am open.

    Any other suggestions are welcome. Humans are social creatures, I do realise the importance of that to stay healthy n fit for my children, that’s why am doing something about it now, reaching out..

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    Hi Tunamayo


    I am in South Wales too. Starting to struggle with Covid restrictions.  Feel free to reach out to me anytime!



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