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    i hope you’re all well this evening.

    ive recently started working again (after my Xmas temp role ended) for the same company I did before but at a different branch. It’s 30 miles away and 3 busses. The journey there takes around 90 minutes as it flows quite well. Coming back is 2 plus hours from start to finish. I struggle on a morning if it’s a 9am start as my children can’t go in to breakfast club until 7.50 and if it’s a late finish I’ve to rely on my boyfriend to collect them and he lives even further away which leads to more travelling and costs for me and them. What do I do? I’m on UC and don’t want to get sanctioned but it’s literally not working. I’ve not family or friends to help as I live in a DV refuge ( not because of my current partner) hundreds of miles away from where I’m from.  I can’t change my hours as it’s seen as they’re ‘family friendly hours’ 4 hour shifts over 5 days and we’ve to be fully flexible for the business.
    It’s literally driving my insane as I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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