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    Happy Mid week everyone. I hope it’s all going well. My girl had a weird morning. Did not want to go to nursery and was not snorty but managed to get her to go in. I wish did not have to work and a pile of ironing that looks like a mountain could just disappear!

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    Showing her films, telling about scientists, actors, etc. As for the rest, it’s all the same as with the white kids: love her and support her on every step. School is the most difficult step, so I can also recommend************** it was very useful for me.

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    Hiya 🙂

    I have two mixed children who are 4.5 and nearly 2. I don’t think they are of an age where they see a difference in skin colour as a thing – I was shown a video recently of a black and a white child standing dressed in identical clothes in front of a mirror. An adult asked them what made them different and they said she likes Peppa pig and I like paw patrol! I think it’s us as adults who highlight it to a point? When they’re older I’m sure they will notice and we live in a very white area. We chose his school based on the fact there was some diversity there and I do try to ensure we have some books and toys that reflect diversity. I am a childminder so that’s just part of what I do but I do feel the need to point out I’m my daughters mum when out as I think people will assume the other children I mind are mine instead! Maybe that’s my own hang up I don’t know:/ I’m trying not to overthink it but it is something I worry about too xx

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    Hi All,

    To be told that your child is not yours is a sign of their ignorance, lack of insight and education. Before this message I wrote a really long response but decided to keep it short and simple!  I have already failed 😆. The best thing you can do is to educate yourself and your child  about their heritage and the science behind  the beautiful ‘asthetic’ differences between humanity.  We are all related by the same common ancestor. The visual difference is insignificant compared to the mere fact that we are all living and breathing creatures of the same human variety.

    I am dark and my daughter is fair. The difference that is seen by others is so superficial. Ladies (and gents), always remember the strength that we have to create, grow, birth, adopt, love, protect and nurture our little ones.

    The comment made by the stranger is heartless. You know your relationship to your child and that is all that matters.

    I too have the same hang ups as my daughter and I look different. Some days I don’t give it a thought and on other occasions I do. But now that I’m confident with the basic facts.  I will not allow this to be my issue and I can only control the confidence and assurance that I have within me.  I hope it makes sense 😎.

    Stay safe all 🙏🏽.  And keep in touch.


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