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    Hey all..

    I’m in a quandary.


    I’ve been a single dad for 5 years..never married… Never missed payments never late for pickup I have kids 2-3 days and nights a week, pay for school and relaxed clothes and have a 3 bed family house that kids are comfy in. Just doing what I can as a dad.

    Because of this the ex is using the csa money for her own new car and girls hols to Newyork etc (pre covid)… However im happy as long as i know I’ve paid…

    I currently pay 300 pm in csa on a 30k wage..

    I’ve secured a contractor role that boosts me to 130k per year if it lasts a year… However csa calcs on the year are over £900 per month.

    Im not shirking responsibility but how is £900 pm appropriate as cost for kids hasn’t increased.. Is there any recourse is me appealing as 900 a month is horrific when they are costing the same for ex to look after as if I was ona 40k job… It means I am constantly hampered for improving my. Own situation for me and kids…

    The scary thing is it means the ex also has more funds if she wanted to seek legal help to squeeze even more out…. Is there anything that people have done tk manage this…

    I want the kids to have the best life but surely I can provide that based on my wages..  And a fir contribution and the ex can look after herself in her own earning and my contribution….. Not based on me being a bank account for the ex where she has more opportunity to abuse the system (which he has done plenty of).

    Help very much appreciated.

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    – if it helps… i wanted shared care as my job allows me lots of flexibility… i would absolutely love to have equal responsibility and accountability, but thats not what the ex wanted..  so the day counts were mums decision not mine.

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    Do what my ex does to avoid paying me more and and plough a huge chunk into  your pension.   The maintenance amount is calculated after pension has been deducted, that way although you will have to pay more it won’t be quite so much.

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    It. Seems such a weird policy… Totally get it needs to be harsh for none paying naughties.. But those who are 3qually as responsible and make a life for the kids are totally disenfranchised by the whole thing…thabks for the quick reply..

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