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    I have complicated grief due to a traumatic death of a baby 10 years ago , I fort a long time to get a cash payout and it made me not trust anything or anyone , 10 years on i struggle with these symptoms nightmares shaking in situations reacting differently staying on mute not talking not eating for days not been able to watch tv and concentrate I was on propromonol anti depressants but I come off all them and speak to therapy I find it can help talking so after all this time I am finally ready to talk but all this time and I still find it hard to cope with what’s going on because it’s bringing back memories of the past .  The death of Oliver wasn’t deserved he died as a result In delay in delivery because it was busy his brain was removed and buried 6 months later I won’t ever get over it and the hospital carries on as normal I supposed to ? I dunno what am ment to do anymore

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    Andrew uk

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I can’t imagine what you are going through. If you want to message me please do. I have no experience but could be a listening-ear. You have made the first step and probably the hardest. You are confronting things and ready to deal with the issue. Yes it does take time.

    These are the first three that I found when I searched on the internet. Sands and Tommys I had heard of. They will offer support. Give them a call today. The home-page of the Sands website has lots of contact details of other organisations.

    Message me if you want.


    Lullaby trust


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    Thats so sad and no amount of sorry’s can make the pain go away i know. Stay strong and hopefully something good will come in to your life to ease your pain.

    Take care


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