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    Has anyone got any experience in proving domestic abuse?

    I have little evidence but I was a sufferer and I need to prove this so my ex only receives supervised contact with my daughter.

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    Hi Jasmin. I was a victim of domestic abuse. I did discuss it with the police but didn’t pursue it. This has apparently been a negative towards me. Do you have any evidence however remote? If not, one thing I can tell you is that courts favour women (bad for me, good for you) and that they have seen so many cases of domestic abuse that they realise that even discussing it is relevant.

    All the best, we’re all with you x.

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    Hi Jasmin,

    Is this for the Form C7?

    I was told by my solicitor to concentrate on three or so incidents against me and focus on incidents with the children

    This days it’s an offence to commit coercive abuse. So if you have anything in writing, abusive texts or emails from your ex , include them.

    Also, things like habitual shouting and swearing are all forms of abuse.

    I endured years of abuse and control at the hands of my ex. The thing that’s given me strength is walking away from that marriage with my kids.

    2.5 years on, I’m a survivor.

    Have you ever contacted “Women’s aid”?

    Their support has been invaluable to me.

    Hope things get a little better for you!

    Jamiebear xx

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    I could be wrong but I thought domestic violence goes in the C1A form? Alongside the C100.. if I am talking garbage please forgive..

    You can explain all in your forms and in court.. however.. was the police called out? Was a report made? If not I guess it is your word against is.. the court are interested in what is best for the child/ren.. in my experience..


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    Have a chat with dr when you go to see them next time as it will be documented and you can use this as evidence

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