Provide a single mum is hospitalised, where does a child go?

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    Any ideas on the topic pls. I am a foreigner with no family here. Friends won’t be rushing to guest my child if I get corona virus as the chances are he will carry it too… <span id=”_mce_caret” data-mce-bogus=”1″ data-mce-type=”format-caret”></span>

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    I would imagine social services will step in should it come to it. Let’s hope not. But I’m sure it’s at the back of all our minds. Try not to worry too much in advance. I am going to prepare overnight bags for the children just in case.

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    Worrying isn’t it.  I’ve arranged for a nephew who is very local to take my DS(12).  They’ve only met once but they got on, I trust the nephew, he is 30s and healthy, and the alternative is a sister who lives two hours away and has a vulnerable husband.

    It’s cobbled together but it’s the best I can manage in horrible circumstances.

    You can only do your best. x

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    This worries me so much am a key worker and I don’t want to go to work as I will have nobody to have my daughter as my family are High risk

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    I am a single mum of choice and my mum is high risk.
    It scares me to think about what will happen should should I and my daughter get it. There doesn’t seem to be any answers anywhere? Not even here.  I wish I could organise myself to get it and then I will be fine to look after everyone after.

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    If we do not have anywhere for our children to go to Social services will step in and take charge of our children. They will be placed in an environment that they wil be safe and well taken of.

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