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    Hi just wondering what others feel are their pros and cons. I have three children 16/12/2 and been on and off single parent the whole time.

    Pros. Starfishing the bed(until little un climbs in)

    You get to decorate how ever you like (kids fill your boots and let spice this house up!)

    Your kids dont care if you have no make up on and wear your pjs all day sunday..lazy days!!

    You get all the love!

    You feel like a superhereo especially when you have successful shopping trip!

    You get to see all the lovely quirky things your kids do..blink and you miss it.

    Cons. You feel like you become boring and choose a 730 bedtime cos there nothing else to do.

    Be nice to share memories of them growing up with another adult.

    When your sick there no one to take care of you.

    Holidays feel lonely

    You sometimes feel that your just mum(or dad) but the other part of you has disappeard.

    Doing the diy arghh im no good at it!

    Its always your turn to take rubbish out!!

    Kid cuddles are the best but wheres the big snuggly hug to say you done great now relax.

    I could go on forever on both. I still choose single parenting as the pros are so much more worth it than maybe living in negative or toxic relationships.

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