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    I am struggling with the CMS and am about to appeal and submit a complaint to my MP.

    My ex who works for an Austrian Company and therefore is paid in Europe (paying nothing through the HMRC in the UK / not completing a tax return etc etc). All he has done is set up a company in the UK. Registered the company at an Accountant address and is claiming that as his UK residency.

    I’ve employed a Private Investigator to prove it is not a residential address. But the CMS have effectively overlooked this evidence.

    Can anyone advise what the fundamental checking process is for the CMS to “assure themselves” during a review that the claimant dies live where he/she says they do?

    And does anyone have any advise about what I might be able to do – other than pay a Private Investigator to follow him abroad (he travels in and out of the UK for major motor sports events for 8 months of the year) to prove he is lying about his earnings.

    Desperate for help/ideas/guidance on what I can do.



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    Council tax would prove this but you would need to contact the financial investigative unit via cms who investigate fraud. It’s much better now than it was.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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