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    I have been separated from my ex-wife now for many years but only recently managed to secure a divorce from her (she’s not been co-operative). I have had no contact with my ex-wife since our relationship ended nor have I seen or spoken to our son whom is now 17. This is not by choice as I have tried and failed many times to reconnect with him but my ex has convinced him that I am not worth knowing. My ex is extremely troubled and has multiple problems, some of which she has been criminalised for, however our son is apparently still living with her. I learnt recently that she took him out of school at 15 and did not achieve any GCSE’s. This came as no surprise as I have kept in touch with the school over the years who told me our son had extremely poor attendance. My ex at the time told the school she was going to home school him and apparently you can do this without the permission of the local authority or the school. I have been told from numerous mutual friends that my ex is still having personal problems and our son is definitely not being educated in any way shape or form and instead is sleeping on other peoples sofas to escape. However my ex is insisting to Child Maintenance Service and Child Benefit office that our son is being home schooled. Apparently Child Maintenance Service require no evidence that this is the case so they continue to charge me. I have always paid child maintenance for my son and would continue to do so if I knew it was honestly true but I know this is a fraudulent claim by my ex to use the money for herself. How do I get proof of this? and what kind of proof do the Child Maintenance Service need from me? They arn’t being clear. I have a copy of my sons birth certificate but even with that its proving difficult to find out any information. Please help.

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