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    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently divorced and have 3 children who live with me full time. Around a year or so ago my ex wife went off with another man and lived with him whilst I looked after the children. Since she has been seeing this man a lot of negative things have happened in the family, such as she has been arrested multiple times, money stolen, domestic violence and even spent a short spell in prison due to stalking and harassment incidents. He is an addict and has a domestic violence record and generally not a very nice person. I went through ‘Clares Law’ to try and obtain information on his background and since doing so social services have had to be involved due to his history. My ex wife now lives with this man and the children remain with me due to the risks he poses to the children. My ex wife was due to share custody 50/50 however this was on the basis of him not living with her. The social worker had made her assessment and clearly stated he should not be present when the children have contact time with their mother, she ignored the social worker and allowed him to be present when they visited, now knowing this they  stay with me. I am in the process of taking out a ‘Prohibited Steps Order’ to prevent her from allowing him near the children. He is also very controlling and coercive. It is worth noting she was a good mother since being involved with this man.

    I do not want to stop the children seeing their mother so have said she is welcome to visit them locally to where they live but not to have them at her house if he is around.

    Now that I am having to take things to court they are starting to threaten me which I have reported to the police. I have been told they are going to lie and make things up about me with are totally untrue, but  I guess they are desperate to detract from them.

    I was writing to see if anyone else had gone through anything similar and what your thoughts are on the likely outcome of the court hearing. Like I see its very  important the children have their mother present in their lives, however it has to be a safe environment.

    I hope you can  help

    Many Thanks




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